Assist or assault Streamers with Next Up Hero

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Mixer Folks

We’ve tried to make Next Up Hero one of the hardest games ever. Streamers tend to be really good at beating games, so we’ve added MixPlay to thwart their progress.

With the MixPlay Dashboards, the community has the power to assault or assist streamers as they crawl through endless dungeons, searching for the next tier of loot.


How does the MixPlay Dashboard work?


Viewers Dashboard (default)

At the start, all viewers can see the Viewer Dashboard. On the Viewer Dashboard, any viewer has the ability to use 4 commands:


Assist Commands (Blue)

  • Cheer Commander: This fuels the Commander’s mana. With Cheers, the Commander can assist the streamer with buffs, heals, and ancients

  • Summon Echo: This will spawn the viewer into the game as an AI companion. Note: the Streamer must awaken the Echo for the AI to start following


Assault Commands (Red)

  • Cheer Dirge: This fuels the Dirge’s mana. With Cheers, the Dirge can assault the streamer with stuns and enemy buffs

  • Summon Shadow: This will spawn the viewer into the game as an enemy. The Shadow will immediately assault the Streamer.


Commander Dashboard

One viewer per floor will be the Commander. When a floor is completed, the Commander will reset, allowing a new viewer to join in. Act fast; it’s first come first served.



Left Panel: Echo RTS Control

As the Streamer runs through the floor, the panel on the left side will update with all of the surrounding enemies on screen.

The Commander controls the Echo army, and chooses which enemies they should prioritize. It’s the Commander’s job to control the mobs or focus on high-value targets for the Streamer!


Middle Panel: Heal and Special Refill

Heal: Used to heal the Streamer. Duh!

Special: Refill the Streamer’s Special Bar. This is used for special attacks and Echo stamina.


Right Panel: Ancients (What do they do?)



Dirge Dashboard

One viewer per floor will be the Dirge. When a floor is completed, the Dirge will reset, allowing a new viewer to join in. Act fast; it’s first come first served.


Left Panel: Enemy Buffs

Speed: Enemy speed increases.

Damage: Enemy damage increases..

Health: Enemy health increases.


Middle Panel: Heal

Heal: Used to heal the enemies.


Right Panel: Streamer Attacks

Slow: Slow the Streamer down.

Stun: Stop the Streamer in their tracks.

Freeze: Completely immobilize the Streamer.




Twitch FOLKS

To get started, you need to link your account

That’s easy to do! Just follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the Root Directory of Next Up Hero

  2. Open config.ini

  3. Add the following text: twitch=YourTwitchID

  4. Save the file, and launch Next Up Hero


Commands are activated. Beware!

Once your account is linked, all chat commands will be available. Be warned your audience takes the reins from here.

The following chat commands are available once you link your Twitch ID:


  • !heal

  • !echo (Summon Yourself as an AI Assistant)

  • !ancient (Ultimate)

  • !specialrefill (Mana)


  • !stun

  • !shadow (Summon Yourself as an AI Assailant)

  • !slow

  • !freeze

Level Changes

  • !darkness : Next level will be darkness

  • !mayhem : Next level will be mayhem